Below is a list of frequently asked questions about how to use and maintain the Handy Pak Insta-Net. Please, feel free to contact us on this page by filling out the form if any of your questions have not been answered in the section below.


How do I fold my Handy Pak Net?


To operate your landing net, please watch the instructional video here


Do you offer international shipping?


To accomodate anglers throughout the world, Handy Pak Net Co. is proud to offer international shipping. For more information please visit the contact us page.


Is there a warranty on your net?


Yes, all Handy Pak Nets come with a lifetime warranty (excludes netting material). You can view our warranty in the footer or on our about us page.


Can I check out with a Credit card or PayPal account?


Yes, you can check out with PayPal or any of the other payment methods (Credit card) found at the bottom of the page. Click on Checkout to use a credit card or PayPal to pay with a PayPal account.


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How to collapse a Handy Pak Net